If you are interested in adding a Samoyed to your family, we have an application process that we follow with all our prospective puppy parents.

1. Fill out and return the puppy application

Puppy Application

2. Tour application will be reviewed and we wil contact your veterinarian and personal references.
Once your references have been approved, then you may submit your deposit.
Puppies are placed in the order deposits are received. Some of our puppy parents choose to submit their deposit with their puppy application so that as soon as their application is approved they can go onto the list.

We do try to match your desire for a specific gender of a puppy, however we can not guarantee that you will get the gender requested. Unfortunately, we are not in control of how many puppies of each gender will be born.

3. You will receive a copy of the contract. We hope that you will follow the growth and development of your puppy on our Facebook page, Mystic Ice Samoyeds.

4. As the time draws near to your puppy coming home to become a part of your family, arrangements will be made for you to come and pick up your puppy. If the puppy is being shipped, we will be in contact about those arrangements.

5. After your signed contract and final payment has been received, then your puppy will be registered with AKC in your name.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly either by using our contact page or by phone at 406-755-5728.