We receive many questions from prospective puppy parents about our kennel, our dogs and the amazing Samoyed breed itself. Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions. If you don’t see an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us via our contact us page or by phone at 406-755-5728.

Q: How often do you have puppies available?
A: We have several females that we breed. However we do not breed them every heat cycle to keep them in the best of health. Our goal is to have at least two litters of puppies per year. Sometimes we have more.

Q: Are you a puppy mill?
A: No. Professional Samoyed breeders have a responsibility to remain true to the Samoyed standard and the working heritage of our breed. Mystic Ice Samoyeds strives always to produce Samoyeds who are not only healthy and beautiful, but possess sound structure, the ability to do the work they were originally bred for, and the temperament that endears them to their families. Only dogs that are OFA clear for hips and CERF clear for eyes are used in our breeding program.

Each of their dogs are first and foremost, members of the family. They are loved and cared for as if they were children. Their favorite time is running and playing with their family members, whether out in the snow, in the yard or snuggling in the house. All of Mystic Ice litters are born in Steve and Sandy’s bedroom and remain there until they are old enough to learn how to get out the whelping box. The puppies are actively socialized with children, dogs, & cats.

Q: How much do Samoyeds shed?
A: Samoyeds are a doubled coated dog. They have an outer guard coat and an under down coat. Twice a year they will shed (or blow) their undercoat. People are often surprised at how little a Samoyed sheds the rest of the year. During the shedding season, large amounts of undercoat will come out of the dogs coat. A professional blower (a grooming tool) is a wise investment to keep you Samoyed’s coat healthy, clean and minimize hair in your home. Weekly blowing and brushing also helps maintain their beautiful, gleaming coat.

Q: How big will a Samoyed get?
A: Samoyeds are considered to be medium sized dogs. They range in weight between 35 and 60 pounds, with the males normally weighing in on the higher end of the scale. In height, the females average 19 to 21 inches and the males average 21.5 to 24 inches tall.

Q: Are there common diseases found in Samoyeds?
A: Samoyeds over all are a very healthy breed. They are one of the five most ancient breeds of dogs in the world. Cataracts can be found in some Samoyeds. All of our breeding dogs are tested for eye health every year. They are also tested for hip dysplasia and only dogs that pass these two certifications are introduced into our breeding program. Some of our dogs have also had their hearts check by a cardiac specialist. Each dogs health certification numbers are available upon request.

Q: Do you ship your puppies?
A: Yes, we do ship our puppies to their parents via commercial airlines in specialized compartments for animals. Shipping does entail additional costs including but not limited to: a shipping crate, a veterinary health check and certification and airline fees.