Welcome to Mystic Ice Samoyeds

Mystic Ice is located on 14 acres in beautiful Northwest Montana, just a short ride from Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake.

Steve and Sandy Nelson, owners of Mystic Ice Samoyeds have owned and bred four AKC champions and two Canadian champion dogs in the past ten years. They actively enter their Samoyeds in AKC dog shows across the pacific northwest for conformation.

Professional Samoyed breeders have a responsibility to remain true to the Samoyed standard and the working heritage of our breed.  Mystic Ice Samoyeds strives always to produce Samoyeds who are not only healthy and beautiful, but possess sound structure, the ability to do the work they were originally bred for, and the temperament that endears them to their families. Only dogs that are OFA clear for hips and CERF clear for eyes are used in our breeding program.

Each of their dogs are first and foremost, members of the family. They are loved and cared for as if they were children. Their favorite time is running and playing with their family members, whether out in the snow, in the yard or snuggling in the house.  All of Mystic Ice litters are born in Steve and Sandy’s bedroom and remain there until they are old enough to learn how to get out the whelping box.  The puppies are actively socialized with children, dogs, & cats.

The Samoyed breed has the sweetest temperament and are incredibly loyal and loving. You will feel warm and fuzzy inside when a Samoyed greets you with that infamous Sammy Smile!  The Samoyed breed is an animated and emotional breed that loves being with their family.

Steve and Sandy can’t imagine now what their lives would be like without their Sammy’s and all the wonderful people they’ve met through them.

Mystic Ice Samoyeds has been members of the Samoyed Club of America since 2005.   They are also members of the Samoyed Club of Washington State, Inland Northwest Samoyed Fanciers and Flathead Kennel Club of Montana. Sandy has served for over five years in several capacities in these associations as the Secretary, member of the board and Vice President.